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The Restorative Justice Center offers trainings for the campus community as well as the greater Bay Area. Our specializations include: Basic Skills in communication and mediation, Restorative Practices (circles for community building, addressing harms) and Restorative Conferences (alternatives to punitive disciplinary approaches). Please contact us at RJCenterberkeley@gmail for more info.

Internships and Volunteer Opportunities

Melissa Internship - Kenya

The RJ Center works with a variety of organizations and courses across campus and in the community to provide students with experiential learning opportunities in fields relating to restorative justice.


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Contact us if you or your organization needs help addressing a conflict, or if you would like to strengthen your communications and community relationships using restorative practices. We have multiple circle practitioners on hand to provide circles or mediation services.


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The RJ Center is dedicated to producing educational and awareness-building events on campus. Click through for info about past and upcoming events.



The Restorative Justice Center conducts research surrounding the history, practice, and potential of Restorative Justice. Independent researchers associated with the Center, as well as students within the PACS Department who actively engaged with the Center for projects have created reports detailing Restorative Justice in different environments.