Restorative Justice/Practice for Educators

with a special focus on Cultural Bias and Hate Speech

in Schools and Learning Communities 


Presented by the RJ Center at UC Berkeley and Circles for Social Change

Work with experienced RJ practitioners who have developed and implemented RJ structures in high school and middle school communities across the Bay Area and beyond. 

coming in January 2019

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Cost: 300.

(contact for special circumstances)

In this 2-day training, participants will be introduced to the basics of restorative justice and restorative practices in school settings. We will focus in on strategies and processes for responding effectively and holistically to cases of bias/offensive or hate speech and social media harm.

Our trainers have years of experience working through these types of cases in K-12 settings and are dedicated to helping people think about a “whole school approach” that can incorporate preventive strategies to reduce the likelihood of harm as well as de-escalate situations and design restorative responses when harm occurs.

what people are saying about our trainings:

“The trainers answered all our questions and encouraged us to ask more questions”

“I especially appreciated the modeling and practice”

“The trainers were personable and relatable”

“Keep doing what you’re doing…truly inspiring!”

“I appreciated the warm and supportive community”

“The trainers showed clarity of understanding and authenticity”

“Loved the healthy snacks and drinks”

“I wish there were a third day!”

The training includes:

  • Experiential Learning: Facilitating Community Building Circles (Tier I)
  • Introduction to RJ terms, concepts, and practices in schools, prisons, juvenile justice
  • RJ’s role in Social Justice Change (school-to-prison pipeline; disproportionate minority contact and more)
  • Skill building: de-escalating conflicts
  • Skill-Building: using the Restorative Questions
  • Discussion of and role plays involving Tier II and Tier III RJ practice (Restorative Conferences and Harm Circles for complex conflicts; re-entry circles)
  • Role plays with cases of cultural bias and social media harm 
  • Facilitated discussion of implementation of RJ in your institution: Who are the stakeholders? How will people define roles and responsibilities?
  • Readings and Resources for future reference

Meet our trainers


Jonathan Bradley is a practicing mediator and a restorative justice specialist. He has worked as a restorative justice coach for SEEDS Community Resolution Center, implementing RJ programs at Bay Area Schools and communities. Formerly, he worked at Community Works West as a Community Conferencing Coordinator, where he offered RJ diversion programs for youth who had been convicted of felony-level offenses. His specialization is working with families in crisis to offer restorative approaches to conflicts and harm. 

Jose ‘Eddie’ Estrada has been a Restorative Justice Practitioner at Berkeley High School for 2 years.  His work entails coaching and modeling restorative practices, offering support to classrooms and teachers, collaborating with staff to refine restorative interventions, and providing tailored trainings to meet the needs of everyone involved. He previously worked with SEEDS Community Resolution Center as one of their Restorative Justice Coordinators and most recently oversaw the implementation of RJ in over ten school sites for the Napa Valley School District. 

Dr. Julie Shackford-Bradley is the co-founder and Coordinator for the Restorative Justice Center at UC Berkeley. She has 15 years experience teaching in Global Studies and Peace and Conflict Studies. In her work with the RJ Center, she coordinates and facilitates services, programs and trainings for campus and the local community in RJ and restorative practices. Her current focus