Expectations For Justice After Sexual Harm

By Julie Shackford-Bradley “We cannot jail, fire or expel our way out of this crisis. We need institutional responses to sexual harm that prioritize both justice and healing, not one at the expense of the other.” UCB Alum and social activist Sofie Karasek has a new project, #InMyWords, which asks survivors of sexual harm to […]

#MeToo Movement Figures: Nidhi Chandra

By Jackie Bueno With the recent #MeToo movement, I think it’s important to understand and highlight figures on campus that are actively working to keep the #MeToo movement rampant on a school-wide level, especially on a campus as renowned and large as UC Berkeley. With that said, Nidhi Chandra is someone who I deeply respect […]


Talking About Sexual Harm

By Julie Shackford-Bradley  Last week, the RJ Center published an op-ed giving a brief explanation of how restorative processes can work in response to sexual misconduct. One comment I received informally about the op-ed addressed the use of the word “survivor” to refer to people who had experienced sexual harm: Some people don’t want to […]

Humans of RJ: Jonah Gercke

By Jackie Bueno Because I work with some pretty awesome people, each week I will highlight a student leader from our center. This week, I’m highlighting Jonah Gercke, a freshman at UC Berkeley and the RJ Student Documentarian. Here’s their bio: Jackie: Where did you grow up? Jonah: I grew up in Southern California. My […]

Black History Month Spotlight: Patty Midy

By Jackie Bueno Preface: In honor of Black History Month, I have chosen to highlight Black students from UC Berkeley that have been proactive in taking on leadership roles to address issues of inequity on campus. For the second feature of the month, I am highlighting Patty Midy, a Haitian-American womxn that became the first-ever […]


Divesting from Injustice: Columbia University Divests from For-Profit Prison Industry

Image via Columbia Prison Divest By Annie Gorden “[W]e hope that private prison divestment campaigns, with the abolitionist vision of a larger anti-prison movement, can help us start working towards divesting from the idea that prisons equal justice, which we believe to be fundamentally racist.” – Dunni Oduyemi Following an extremely successful 16-month student-led campaign, […]


I’d like to learn more about RJ–what should I read? Part 2: Restoring Racial Justice

by Nava Bearson A recent article,  Restoring Racial Justice (open as pdf) pushes for greater incorporation of race in restorative justice. Authors Fania Davis, Mikhail Lyubansky, and Mara Schiff assert that up to this point, the restorative justice movement has failed to explicitly address race. Through recognizing race and tackling race related issues, restorative justice can […]