Professor Nikki Jones: Change is a Group Process

After a six month postponement on a much anticipated event, Associate Professor of African American Studies, Nikki Jones, and Goldman School candidate Clarence Ford engaged in conversation with the eager members of the UC Berkeley community on February 13th.  Professor Jones’ newest publication The Chosen Ones: Black Men and The Politics of Redemption, an urban […]

Due process and justice on college campuses: The Rights of the Accused in the Trump Era

Recently, defense lawyer Justin Dillon of KaiserDillon PLLC, published a piece in the Chronicle of Higher Education with the title, “Thank God for Betsy DeVos.” (If this is behind a firewall for you, email us at and we’ll send you a copy). Dillon’s law firm, KaiserDillon has made a name for itself in defending […]

Anti-Violence Activists Talk About What Is Accountability

Link to video reference by blog here! In this video, anti-violence activists Kiyomi Fujikawa and Shannon Perez-Darby ask and explore: What does it look like to be accountable to survivors without exiling or disposing those who do harm? This video–the first of four–presents a bold discussion of harm, needs and accountability in social justice communities. […]

Michelle Alexander Takes The Long View

Speaking at Boalt Law School to celebrate the 20 Year Anniversary of the Human Rights Law Clinic on Thursday, October 4, Michelle Alexander suggested we take the long view on the impending Kavanaugh confirmation. Her words were roughly: Resist the temptation to see this moment through snapchat or Instagram, and see it in the larger […]

What is Good Facilitation for Restorative Justice?

By RJ Center Staff What is good facilitation in Restorative Justice? In New Zealand, where modern RJ is practiced in conjunction with the criminal justice system for most kinds of cases of crime and harm, a team of researchers set out to discover what RJ practitioners themselves see as best practices for facilitators. The report is […]

How Can Restorative Justice Address Gun Violence In The U.S.?

Photo Courtesy of CNN By Jackie Bueno  See link to CNN’s “Gunman confessed to Florida high school shooting, police say” for more context on the recent shooting in Parkland, Florida: The recent tragedy that occurred in Parkland, Florida is a devastating reality that unfortunately persists in America: repeated gun violence. However, how have politicians […]

Remembering To Say #MeToo For Women That Can’t

Photo courtesy of Thought Catalog By Jackie Bueno  Disclaimer: This post is not meant to diminish or discredit other norms and practices in other countries around the world. Rather, this post serves as an inclusive reminder that women in countries around the world, that disprove of the gender norms enforced in their countries, are still […]

The Ways We Can Address Toxic Masculinity in Communities of Color

By Jackie Bueno With my background in restorative justice, reading “I Was Forced to Fight, Now I’m Learning to Cry” all made sense to me. Cooper’s testimony as a black man confronting the realities of masculinity made me more understanding of how I as a womxn of color and others are affected by toxic masculinity, […]

Note To Stephen Colbert: No, Senators Were Not Playing “Kindergarten Games” When Using The Talking Stick

By Julie Shackford-Bradley Link to video: This week, Stephen Colbert poked some fun at  “talking stick” of Senator Susan Collins of Maine, calling it part of a “kindergarten game.” The joke was that the bipartisan group of senators who’d come together to end the government shutdown senators could not even master the rituals of […]