Community Works

Community WorksCommunity Works works closely with criminal and juvenile justice systems, the public school system, and other community based organizations in the San Francisco Bay area and across California. Through incorporating the principles of RJ and a strong belief in the healing power of the arts, Community Works seeks to break the cycle of incarceration by empowering individuals, families, and communities.

Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth

Restorative Justice for Oakland YouthRJOY works to interrupt cycles perpetuated by punitive school discipline and juvenile justice policies through using restorative approaches that engage families, communities, and systems to repair harm as well as prevent repeated offending. RJOY gives training, education, and technical assistance with West Oakland Middle school, community, juvenile, justice, and research partners.

Oakland Unified School District Pilot Program

Oakland Unified School District Pilot ProgramWith an ultimate vision to be a part of a Full Service Community District in OUSD, this pilot program provides a positive, equitable, and caring climate that uses conflict resolution processes inclusive to the entire school community. Their programs have decreased referrals for suspension and expulsion, increase student’s feeling of safety at the school, increase attendance rates and teacher retention, provided an equitable schoolwide and classroom environment, and provided a foundation and process for positive youth development and social emotional learning.

SEEDS Community Resolution Center

SEEDS Community Resolution Center SEEDS mission is to help people resolve conflict through mediation, facilitation, traning and RJ. SEEDS sees conflict as an opportunity for positive growth that can help build a future where all individuals and communities contain the skills to participate in effective dialogue and peacefully resolve issues and conflicts. SEEDS offers a 12-week RJ Community Building and Conflict Resolution training that certifies participants in various restorative practices.

CircleUp Education

Final CircleUp Education LogoCircleUp Education is an Oakland-Based social enterprise with the mission of cultivating happy, thriving, and stress-free cities, organizations and schools. We accomplish this be working hand in hand with community members to design and facilitate custom training and consulting solutions related to conflict resolution, diversity and equity, Restorative Practices and professional development. CircleUp Education uses data-driven strategies to identify specific needs, assess the impact of interpersonal and institutional harm, and collaboratively construct tailored solutions that address root causes of injustice and community conflict. CircleUp Education’s pedagogy, philosophy and values are inspired by Co-Founder Tiffany Hoang and Tyrone Botelho’s research and course within the Peace and Conflict Studies Major at UC Berkeley.

Bay Non-Violent Communication Restorative Justice Project

Bay Non-Violent Communication Restorative Justice ProjectNVC’s RJ program provides healing and support skill-building by offering ongoing, weekly trainings in San Quentin State Prison and in jails in Sonoma, Mendocino, and Santa Cruz counties. Their vision is to provide inmates, returnees, and their families trainings and practice groups free of charge throughout the Bay Area. They also seek to provide Rj circles for their communities to promote healing within the community where offense happened, specifically in the increased rates of domestic violence.

Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice in Oakland

Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice in OaklandCommunities United for Restorative Youth Justice in Oakland is a non-profit that promotes RJ programs, offers nonviolence trainings, and provides legal services in defence of civil and human rights. CURJY (pronounced ‘courage’) takes immediate steps to intervene in the legal fight in the proposed ‘gang injunction’ in the Fruitvale community. CURYJ represents defendants in the case of People v. Nortenos as part of its larger effort to spread community healing and empower youth. CURJY offers an alternative to pricey law enforcement programs that have little to no effect on the safety and health of Oakland. Their services include mental health, leadership development, job training, small business incubation, grassroots organizing, and policy advocacy.

Restorative Justice Training Institute

Restorative Justice Training InstituteThe RJ Training Institute consults with schools and trains district personnel, students, and parents in the Oakland Unified School District in RJ. The co-founder of this organization, Rita Renjitham, also serves as a Crisis Responder in the event of emergencies and homicides. Services include a 2 day RJ and circle process training for youth and adults, a 5-day RJ and circle process training, coaching for organizations, schools, and districts to develop a 3-10 year plan with sustainable practices to institutionalize, curriculum development, as well as providing research and evaluation to measure the effectiveness of different RJ programs.

Restorative Justice and Conflict Resolution

Restorative Justice and Conflict ResolutionRJ and Conflict Resolution is offered as a DeCal. The course will examine RJ processes, theories, and approaches to conflict resolution. Students will gain formal and informal training in conflict mediation and resolution skills. Students will also get to work with activists and mediation practitioners from the RJ Center and SEEDS.

 Resolve to Stop the Violence

Resolve to Stop the Violence Project San FranciscoResolve to Stop the Violence Project aims to centralize the needs of victims and to empower them to restore themselves, their families, and their communities as they transition to becoming survivors and advocates. They hold offenders accountable for their violence, focusing on reconstructing the male-role belief system and on repairing the harm caused to their victims and communities. The project also supports community involvement in order to support victim restoration, reduce offender recidivism, create opportunities for restoration, and to prevent further violence. RSVP has reduced recidivism up to 80% in San Francisco and offers programs in survivor restoration, offender restoration, and community restoration.

American Cultures course on RJ taught by Professor Mary Louise Frampton

American Cultures course on RJ taught by Professor Mary Louise FramptonThis course provides students with the theory and practice of RJ and alternative approaches to present racially disproportionate effects of criminal law systems. The course partners with Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth and The Hayward Burns Institute.

San Francisco Unified School District RJ Projects

San Francisco Unified School District RJ ProjectsRestorative Practices directly support SFUSD’s Beyond the Talk 2.0 plan in order to make the district’s goal of social justice a reality. Restorative Practices allow for all members of the school to be held responsible towards building and sustaining a positive school environment that is based on strong relationships while recognizing each person’s role as a positive contributing member os the school community. The program has trained hundreds of members of the school district, created professional development educators for social responsibility workshops, provided statt with consultation on a restorative approach to discipline, and created a pupil services program to use restorative practices instead of expulsion hearings.

San Francisco Peer Court RJ Alternatives for Youth

San Francisco Peer Court RJ Alternatives for YouthPeer Court is a youth-driven program that centers around leadership for youth (12 and up), school and community safety, and providing an alternative to the juvenile justice system. Student volunteers from San Francisco’s schools complete a comprehensive training program and continue to provide RJ services as an alternative to the juvenile justice system. Youth volunteer work includes work with victims, offenders, and affected ocummunity members in order to rach a resolution to suits all people involved. The program occurs during the school day, holds summer training sessions, and is free.

Catholic Charities of the East Bay’s Youth Community Violence Prevention Program

New CCEB Logo_PMS300_outlines_7_14_2014CCEB works to encourage restorative practices and restorative school discipline at Richmond High SChool. They serve as alternative approach to suspensions and expulsions by promoting healthy supportive relationships, personal accountability, emotional literacy and connections to supportive communities as a tool that teachers and instructors can use in the classroom. The staff offers organization and facilitation in restorative circles and works closely with students who have caused harm as well as case management among some families. Catholic Charities partnered with the Restorative Juvenile Justice Task Force of Alameda County and RJOY to pilot Restorative Group Conferencing as a pre-adjudication alternative for youth in Alameda County in 2009. The project was so successful that Community Works, SEEDS, and Catholic Charities now provide restorative group conferencing county-wide.