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RJ Center Berkeley, September 16 2014

Carceral Geographies Conference Program

Carceral Geographies Course Thread Launch


Help us mark the inaugural year of this innovative curricular offering which provides undergraduates the opportunity to examine the nature and experience of carceral spaces, the distributional geographies of carceral systems, and the relationship between the carceral in its totality and the state.

Keynote Lecture by:

Ruth Wilson Gilmore

on "The Present and Future of California Prisons" Thursday, September 18th, 5:00pm to 7:00pm, Dwinelle Hall, Room 370

thFriday, September 19

10 :00am Introduction to Course Thread

10: 30am Student Research on Carceral Geographies, Moderator Prof. Nikki Jones 12 :00pm Lunch

1:00pm Formerly Incarcerated Students working against Carceral Practices, Moderator Francisco Casique, PhD

3:00 “The Stuart Hall Project,” screening and discussion

Black Lives Matter: Police Violence, Prisons, & Freedom


A forum on the radical resistance in Ferguson and across the US, police & prison violence, and visionary movement building for racial and gender justice

thFriday, September 19

featured speakers:

CeCe McDonald, anti-prison and trans justice activist

Prof. Julia Oparah, Mills College, author of Global Lockdown: Race, Gender and the Prison-Industrial Complex

Prof. Ashon Crawley, UC Riverside

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RJ Center Berkeley

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