Breaking the Cycle of Violence: Utilizing Community-Based Accountability Strategies to Address Sexual Violence


by Annie Gorden Trigger Warning: Discussions of rape, sexual violence, and victim-blaming “For me, forgiveness and compassion are always linked: how do we hold people accountable for wrongdoing and yet at the same time remain in touch with their humanity enough to believe in their capacity to be transformed?” –bell hooks The United States criminal legal […]

Restorative Conversations: “Calling In”


by Julie Shackford-Bradley Many campus conflicts emerge from “call-out” situations that create deep rifts among former friends, leave people feeling exhausted and alienated, and even lead to violence. Asam Ahmed has recently started an ever-expanding online conversation questioning the efficacy of the call-out, and suggesting an alternative, the “call in.” By Ahmed’s definition, call-out culture: […]

The Faces Leading the Revolution Against Campus Sexual Violence


by Annie Gorden Trigger Warning: Discussions of Sexual Assault 2014 marked a turning point for the movement to end sexual violence on campuses, the issue finally surfacing in mainstream media and consciousness. Awareness and activism surrounding campus sexual assault reached new heights, thanks in great part to the work of dedicated activists fighting to bring […]

Victorious Cal In Berkeley Police Department Reforms


by Viviana Lletget and Julie Shackford-Bradley on May 20, 2015 Cal students presented testimonials and strong arguments in favor of a temporary moratorium on the Berkeley Police Department’s (BPD) use of such “crowd control” tactics as the shooting of tear gas canisters, rubber bullets and other projectiles, the use of flash-bang grenades, and “over the […]

New York Solitary Confinement


New York City plans to end solitary confinement for inmates 21 and younger. New Mayor Bill DiBlasio is taking the lead on some prison reform for juveniles and youth in New York City: The move stems in part from the building of new “enhanced supervision housing” at Rikers Island, an infamous prison in New York […]

Texas Looking to Downsize Juvenile Justice System

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by Julie Shackford-Bradley Texas lawmakers are interested in shutting down state-run juvenile incarceration facilities in that state, not because holding youth in correctional institutions is unjust or immoral, but because of high costs: According to CSG, each juvenile inmate in a state prison costs $134,000 per year. Moreover, $162 million was spent on 800 youth […]

Courses with Restorative Justice Content

'The more power you have, 
the more people will listen respectfully to your story.  Consequently, listening to someone’s story is a way of recognizing their power, of validating their intrinsic worth as a human being.'
~ Kay Pranis

Courses with Restorative Justice Content by John Earl Dio Restorative Justice – Legal Studies 162AC – CCN: 51668 – 3 Units TH 3:30-6:30, 3 Evans Professor Mary Louise Frampton This course will examine the theory and practice of restorative justice, with an emphasis on the ways that criminal justice systems implicate the emotions and the […]