Impacts of Cases of Sexual Harassment on Campus Communities Part I: Who is the “campus community” and what is its role?

note: this is Part I of a 3 part series on how campus communities respond to cases of sexual harassment by faculty Julie Shackford-Bradley When a case of sexual harassment occurs on a college campus, two parties are typically identified, the perpetrator also known as the “respondent” or person who has done the harm and […]


Restorative Conversations: “Calling In”

by Julie Shackford-Bradley Many campus conflicts emerge from “call-out” situations that create deep rifts among former friends, leave people feeling exhausted and alienated, and even lead to violence. Asam Ahmed has recently started an ever-expanding online conversation questioning the efficacy of the call-out, and suggesting an alternative, the “call in.” By Ahmed’s definition, call-out culture: […]