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Due process and justice on college campuses: The Rights of the Accused in the Trump Era

Recently, defense lawyer Justin Dillon of KaiserDillon PLLC, published a piece in the Chronicle of Higher Education with the title, “Thank God for Betsy DeVos.” (If this is behind a firewall for you, email us at and we’ll send you a copy). Dillon’s law firm, KaiserDillon has made a name for itself in defending […]


Restorative Justice in Action: Jacqueline Bueno

One of our RJ Student Leaders, Jacqueline Bueno, presented at #AFLVWest, on Friday, April 6, a four-day conference from April 5 to April 8 in San Diego, to discuss how Greek life at colleges in the Western region of the U.S. can implement equity-based programming on their campuses. Bueno’s presentation was an hour-long and included […]

Restorative Justice, Not Guns In K-12

By Simone Bradley In a shocking turn of events, the Trump administration has found a way to blame the Obama administration for the recent massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Remember in 2013 when Obama sought to decrease the number of unwarranted suspensions and expulsions of minority students? Well, according to Marco Rubio, Florida republican […]

#ActiveListeningNews: What College Students Really Think About Free Speech

Photo courtesy of The New York Times The New York Times posted an article about the realities of how college campuses are coping with free speech, including our very own UC Berkeley. Read the article here! “What you see is a generation that’s struggling with really deep questions about how to be a pluralistic society and a […]

What To Do When ICE Comes To My Class

By Julie Shackford-Bradley  Recently, people gathered in campus to discuss how faculty might react if an ICE agent came to their classroom with the intention of removing an individual who was considered to be undocumented. Before getting to the specific advice aimed at faculty–which is actually helpful for everybody–its important to address the elephant in […]


Impacts of Cases of Sexual Harassment on Campus Communities Part I: Who is the “campus community” and what is its role?

note: this is Part I of a 3 part series on how campus communities respond to cases of sexual harassment by faculty Julie Shackford-Bradley When a case of sexual harassment occurs on a college campus, two parties are typically identified, the perpetrator also known as the “respondent” or person who has done the harm and […]


Campus Climate and Racial Justice: The Need for Restorative Justice

Image Via USA Today By TJ Grayson There is a clear miscommunication between the needs of students and the environments in which they are expected to thrive and succeed. While students of color, including those at UC Berkeley, have known this for years, recent events surrounding the relationship between race, cultural appropriation and the on-campus […]


Divesting from Injustice: Columbia University Divests from For-Profit Prison Industry

Image via Columbia Prison Divest By Annie Gorden “[W]e hope that private prison divestment campaigns, with the abolitionist vision of a larger anti-prison movement, can help us start working towards divesting from the idea that prisons equal justice, which we believe to be fundamentally racist.” – Dunni Oduyemi Following an extremely successful 16-month student-led campaign, […]


NYTimes OpEd advocating RJ for campus sexual misconduct cases

The New York Times has published a very supportive OP Ed on the use of RJ for campus sexual misconduct cases. The article summarizes: In restorative justice, the victim and the accused generally meet with facilitators and other community members affected by the offense. The goal is to agree on a plan to make amends to the victim […]