An Advocate For ALL: UC Berkeley Student Kim Robledo Discusses The Importance Of Fighting For Immigrant Rights

By Jackie Bueno Preface: This article will discuss immigration, a very nuanced and complex topic that’s one of the main reasons for the recent government shutdown. Here’s a link to better understand immigration policies in the U.S. such as DACA:   Start of Article.   With the recent detainment of UC Berkeley student Luis […]

Understanding Toxic Masculinity Through The Lens Of Black Men

By Jackie Bueno Reading Wilbert Cooper’s “I Was Forced to Fight, Now I’m Learning to Cry” were all too familiar for me. As a woman of color from both a Latinx and Filipinx background, I recognized the parallels immediately in Cooper’s article between the realities Black men face to establish legitimacy as men in their communities […]

Victorious Cal In Berkeley Police Department Reforms

by Viviana Lletget and Julie Shackford-Bradley on May 20, 2015 Cal students presented testimonials and strong arguments in favor of a temporary moratorium on the Berkeley Police Department’s (BPD) use of such “crowd control” tactics as the shooting of tear gas canisters, rubber bullets and other projectiles, the use of flash-bang grenades, and “over the […]

Courses with Restorative Justice Content

Courses with Restorative Justice Content by John Earl Dio Restorative Justice – Legal Studies 162AC – CCN: 51668 – 3 Units TH 3:30-6:30, 3 Evans Professor Mary Louise Frampton This course will examine the theory and practice of restorative justice, with an emphasis on the ways that criminal justice systems implicate the emotions and the […]

Carceral Geographies Conference Program

Carceral Geographies Course Thread Launch  Help us mark the inaugural year of this innovative curricular offering which provides undergraduates the opportunity to examine the nature and experience of carceral spaces, the distributional geographies of carceral systems, and the relationship between the carceral in its totality and the state.