Help the RJ Center Grow


Help the Restorative Justice Center grow! With your support, we can:


Expand our “Restorative Justice Student Leaders” program

The RJ Center has partnered with the Coops, the Lead Center and Cross Cultural Student Development to develop our RJ Student Leaders Program. Through this program, we train and support students to provide conflict resolution, restorative practices and restorative justice for their peers in living spaces and student organizations.


emptycircle-300x225 Build a one-stop walk-in space where students, staff and faculty can access services in conflict resolution and restorative justice from their peers.

Students have expressed their overwhelming interest in having a space where they can work out conflicts using non-punitive approaches aimed at educating and transforming.

Broaden our efforts to educate the campus about the power of restorative justice on campus and in Bay Area communities.

Support the RJ Center’s efforts to provide workshops, conferences and classroom visits to present the theories of RJ and its application in prisons, juvenile justice, and K-12.



RJGroupPhoto2 Develop our campus-community partnerships to match students with Bay Area organizations working on RJ-related issues.

Our mission is to build capacity for the growing RJ movement in the Bay Area and the US. So far, 6 of our graduates are working in the field, and we would like to expand this number over the coming years.

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