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Help the Restorative Justice Center grow! With your support, we can:


Expand our Restorative Justice Student Leaders program

The RJ Center offers a unique opportunity for students to develop skills in conflict resolution and restorative justice, skills they will use throughout their lives, and which can help on the job market. Currently we have an amazing team of 12 RJ Student leaders, and would love to expand our program. 

Our courageous students move toward conflict with the goal of helping their peers to communicate, work through their conflicts, repair harms and experience learning and transformation through our processes. 


Build a one-stop walk-in space for access to services in conflict resolution and restorative justice.

The RJ Center needs a space. We currently work out of a “double wide” cubicle, and must constantly seek spaces for our circles, trainings and workshops.

With a dedicated space, we would serve many more students, staff and faculty in all their conflict resolution and RJ needs.


Present more educational programs on the power of restorative justice on campus and in Bay Area communities.

Support the RJ Center’s efforts to provide workshops, conferences, guest speakers, gatherings of RJ practitioners and experts, and classroom visits to present the theories of RJ and its application in communities, organizations, schools and across the criminal justice system. 

Help us spread the word about RJ on campus and in the community


Create more campus-community partnerships to match Cal students with Bay Area organizations working on RJ-related issues.

Our mission is to build capacity for the growing RJ movement in the Bay Area and the US. Through internships, our students bring their energy and expertise to local orgs, and at the same time, develop lasting relationships and gain invaluable experience and skills.

See here about our RJSL alumni.