Resources: Exercises for circles






Exercises for talking about Identities

Concentric Circles Throwback Activity

In this activity, participants tell stories of their first experiences of recognizing “otherness” through race/ethnicity, gender and class. It might be best to develop some trust in the group before asking people to try this exercise.

Exercises for going deeper by looking back, looking forward


Think back over the past month (or past year) … about accomplishments, or victories… this could be in your personal life, or your professional life.

Honor all the work that was done and celebrate those achievements.

Ask yourself if there’s anything that you need to let go of, that no longer serves you. This can be personal or professional. It can be a negative attitude, negative people… what is it you need to let go of to amplify even more your progress toward your goals and dreams.

sit with this for a few moments…

Deep breath all the way into the belly, into the chest, and heart. Then exhale…

optional: write down what came up for you in these two thought exercises.

optional: share with a partner something that came up for you, that resonated with you.

optional: share that point that resonated with you out with the group.