Resources for Circles



Identity Walk

This exercise is a gently introduction to concepts of identity and intersectionality. It invites people to silently consider aspect of their identity as they move around the room. It can be a great icebreaker for a circle process focusing on campus climate, diversity and inclusion.

Going Deeper

Concentric Circles Throwback Activity

In this activity, participants tell stories of their first experiences of recognizing “otherness” through race/ethnicity, gender and class. It might be best to develop some trust in the group before asking people to try this exercise.

Circles for Campus Climate

Survivors Support and Community Building Circle

This circle was developed at UC Berkeley through a collaboration of the RJ Center, the Confidential Care Office, Associated Students Sexual Assault Commission and Greeks Against Sexual Assault. It is shaped for survivors, but can also include allies, especially if people initially want to maintain confidentiality when they show up in the space.

Peacebuilding Circle Guide

This is a basic guide for conducting a peacebuilding circle in response to a campus climate event that involves larger groups. Any peacebuilding process begins with separate preparation meetings with individuals or groups who have harmed or have been harmed. At times, the harm is complex and multi-layered, and may require more than one circle. In our process we try to follow chronological order as people work through experiences of harm.

Informational Slides

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