Humans of RJ: Nicole Nava

By Jackie Bueno

This week, I’m highlighting Nicole Nava, a sophomore at UC Berkeley.

Here’s her bio:

Jackie: Where did you grow up?

Nicole: Madera, California


Jackie: What is your role at the RJ Center?

Nicole: My role at the RJ Center involves reaching out to other organizations about RJ. If they’re interested, we organize a meeting and determine the best way to integrate restorative approaches into their organisations.


Jackie: Why did you decide to work for the Restorative Justice Center?

Nicole: I decided to work for the RJ center because the job description consisted of keywords such as healing, communication, conflict resolution, and community building, which reflected what I consider to be key concepts in my own life.


Jackie: What do you think is the best part about working in RJ?

Nicole: Two things – the people in RJ and the fact it brings out the best in people. Even though we didn’t know each other at first, working at the Center helped us form connections among each other. You really see the community among us at the RJ Center. It also brings out the best in people. It gives you the opportunity to speak and be heard.


Jackie: What do you do in your free time?

Nicole: I like to run, write, and surround myself in nature. You can find me in the trees.


Jackie: Three words that describe what you hope for in 2018?

Nicole: Reflection, connections, and growth.

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