Resources: Icebreakers


NAME GAME: (works best for 10-25 people) everyone gets into a circle, standing up. As the facilitator, you throw a ball or stuffed animal to a participant, calling out their name as you throw the object to them. That person must then throw the object to another person, calling out their name, until everyone has been included. Start again from the top, in the same order, throwing the ball and calling out the catcher’s name. On the third round, introduce a second ball/object, so that two balls are being thrown around the circle. Then introduce another and another (as many as you like). When ready, collect the balls/objects as they come back to the beginning and then ask the group to go backward (modeling by throwing the ball back to the person who has thrown it).  Debrief: how was that for you? what resonated? why would we ask you to do this exercise?

WHEN THE WIND BLOWS: (only for groups where everyone can run around) the chairs are in a circle. The facilitator models by getting into the middle of the circle and saying something about themself, in the following way: “the wind blows for all the people who (for example) love to eat garlic french fries!” Then, everyone who loves to eat garlic french fries must jump up from their seat and find a new seat (not the seat right next to theirs on either side). The last person standing goes next, choosing something else to say. This icebreaker can be as long or short as you have time for. Debrief: what’s one thing you learned about one of your group today?