Restorative Justice Processes








In response to conflict and harm, the RJ Center offers mediation and restorative processes, that may involve from two people to large groups, depending on the situation. Restorative processes focus in on harm that’s been done, the needs of everyone involved, and ways to move forward and repair relationships and/or communities. 

For people involved in a conflict:

The RJ Center is staffed by students (undergraduate and graduate) and UCB staff from a variety of identities who are skilled in conflict resolution. We don’t judge, or find solutions for you, but rather, ask about what happened, who has been impacted, and what’s needed to go forward. We meet each person individually to better understand the dynamics of the conflict, and then bring people together if that’s what’s needed. We can bring together two individuals in conversations or larger groups in circles, to talk through issues, study root causes of the conflict, and collectively determine responses and ways to resolve/repair relationships.

For people who have experienced harm:

The RJ Center offers restorative conferences and circles that directly address harm. Our approach focuses on harm and its impacts and needs that emerge. We discuss the intentions behind people’s actions, and impacts (intended and unintended), giving people who have experienced harm a chance to be heard and to have their needs met, and for those who have harmed to take responsibility and make things right.

When the harm goes both ways:

Sometimes, the harm goes both ways—in these situations, people have a chance to share information about what happened, and talk through their experiences and impacts, and hear and understand the other person’s experiences and impacts. Once they have talked through everything that happened, people can collectively determine what’s needed to move forward.

Community members may also participate, if everyone agrees. The group can consider root causes of the harm, indirect trauma for the community, and changes needed to reduce harm in the future.

It’s easy to contact us for RJ processes in response to conflict or harm. You can email us at or contact us through the intake button on our website, at this link. You can also contact Julie Shackford-Bradley, Coordinator of the RJ Center directly at We honor your confidentiality.