In cases of actual crimes, violations of the UC Berkeley Code of Conduct, or extreme harm that falls just short of a crime or violation, we can conduct a Restorative Community Conference (RCC). RCCs are formal procedures involving a skilled practitioner, the person who committed the harm and the victims/survivors of the harm or surrogates who can act in their place.

RCCs allow victims/survivors to speak directly to the person who harmed them in a safe and supportive setting. RCCs provide the person who did the harm to be accountable, to take responsibility for his/her actions and acknowledge the harm caused. Other members of the community also participate to speak about how the incident affected them.

Collectively, the participants in the RCC develop a plan to repair the harm, make amends and restore relationships. As architects of the plan, both the person who did the harm and those affected have a stake in ensuring that the plan is followed and completed. An RJ Center staff person will follow up on the completion of the plan as well.