Restorative Responses to SVSH


If you are a member of the UC Berkeley community who has experienced sexual harm and are seeking services, please contact the PATH-to-Care Center to access services and consider your options. 

The RJ Center offers the following restorative responses for cases of sexual misconduct:

Community Building/Prevention Circles 

We recommend that groups and communities take time to hold a community building/prevention circle before incidents of sexual misconduct arise. In these circles, people are invited to talk about how they want to be with each other, and commit to community agreements regarding consent and shared values. In these circles, participants can learn more about options for restorative responses to sexual misconduct. To set up a community building circle, please contact us through this intake form.

Survivors’ Circles

Organizations or groups can work together with the RJ Center to set up a survivors’ circle. These circles can last 2-3 hours, and invite survivors and allies to share their stories of how they’ve been impacted by experiences of sexual misconduct, how they’re coping, and strategies for envisioning and enacting change in their communities (campus departments, living spaces, student orgs, etc). Please contact if you could like to set up or participate in a survivors’ circle.

Peacebuilding Circles 

In the wake of a case of sexual misconduct, a community may need a process for coming to terms with the experience, and for thinking about prevention strategies in the future. If you are interested in setting up a peacebuilding circle for your community, please contact us through this intake form.

Restorative Conversations, Conferences and Circles 

As described in our recent op ed in the Daily Cal, people who have experienced sexual misconduct may wish to engage in a facilitated dialog with the responsible person. To participate, all parties must be willing to engage in a series of individual conversations designed to fully prepare everyone for the face-to-face encounter.  A conversation of conference or circle encounter may include as few people as the facilitator, survivor and responsible person. Circles are available for situations in which more people are involved, and/or where community members can offer further perspective, support, education, and resources. To learn more, please contact

For more information about RJ Trainings, see our trainings page.

Please note the following:

Everyone who works with the RJ Center is a responsible employee, which means we have an obligation to report any story of sexual misconduct we hear about on campus. We recommend that anyone who is affiliated with UC Berkeley should contact the PATH-to-Care Center prior to initiating a process with us.

Personal safety for all parties is our highest priority. If personal safety is a factor in your situation, we ask you to please contact the PATH-to-Care Center or BAWAR (Bay Area Women Against Rape which offers an array services for cases of sexual misconduct and harm).