Impacts of RJ in campus communities:

  • Focus on wellness

Conflicts and acts of harm can affect people’s mental and physical health.

  • Conflict Management and Harm Reduction

Conflicts that are not addressed quickly can spiral and cause deep and lasting divisions in living spaces. RJ models offer remedies at every stage of a conflict or harm event

  • Increased inclusivity in decision-making

When voices in a group are marginalized or excluded, individuals and the group itself all suffer. Restorative practices ensure that all voices are heard and recognized.

Benefits of our program for Student Leaders:

  • Development of skills in RP and RJ that are immediately applicable in personal lives and improve community relationships.
  • Opportunity to act as peacebuilders and peacemakers within their communities and across communities.
  • Chance to engage and develop relationships with Bay Area leaders of the national RJ movement.
  • Attainment of “soft skills” and research skills that can lead to careers in a growing RJ field and many fields.