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Restorative Justice Center Promo Video - 2016

RJ student leaders, facilitators, and participants introduce how UC Berkeley is working on creating a restorative campus climate -- 2 min

Restorative Justice at Michigan State University

Students, staff, and facilitators introduce the basics of Restorative Justice and explain how it is being implemented at Michigan State University to repair harm and facilitate conversations -- 12:30 min

University of San Diego

Faculty and students discuss the Restorative Justice program on their campus -- 9 min

RJ in Campus Conduct Administration

Colorado State University's Assistant Director of the Office of Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services, Shay Bright, talks about the benefits of restorative justice practices in the collegiate campus environment. -- 2:30 min

University of Colorado Restorative Justice Program

An introduction to the pioneering RJ program at University of Colorado that expands upon the value of RJ and includes a testimonial from a student who created harm. -- 8:30 min

Boulder Offender Testimonial

A student at CU Boulder talks about the effects of RJ after he had harmed other students around him through his drinking. He was able grapple with his own responsibility by practicing RJ with those whom he had harmed -- 3 min

Resident Advisors: Perspectives on Restorative Practices

A group of resident advisors discusses how they use Restorative Practices in their residence hall to address issues and to build a strong community -- 2 min

Resident Advisors: Perspectives on Restorative Practices

Tomas, who oversees residence hall advisor, explains that Restorative Justice is a blueprint that can help resident advisors build community -- 1 min

Michigan State University Restorative Justice Program

A fun, student directed, piece that demonstrates how restorative justice can help residents in university housing resolve conflict -- 1 min

Restorative Justice: Students' Voice

MSU's Residence Education & Services (RES) uses a restorative approach to student conduct and interpersonal conflict and community development on campus by training RES and Student Life staff members in the RJ process, making it available to the entire MSU student body -- 7 min

Restorative Justice University of Alberta

Resident Services at University of Alberta introduce restorative justice and its implementation to the U of A community -- 2 min


Hollow Water

This documentary profiles the tiny Ojibway community of Hollow Water on the shores of Lake Winnipeg as they deal with an epidemic of sexual abuse in their midst. The offenders have left a legacy of denial and pain, addiction and suicide. The Manitoba justice system was unsuccessful in ending the cycle of abuse, so the community of Hollow Water took matters into their own hands. The offenders were brought home to face justice in a community healing and sentencing circle. Based on traditional practices, this unique model of justice reunites families and heals both victims and offenders. The film is a powerful tribute to one community's ability to heal and create change. -- 48:30 minutes

Ted Talk: Our Story of Rape and Reconciliation

In 1996, Thordis Elva shared a teenage romance with Tom Stranger, an exchange student from Australia. After a school dance, Tom raped Thordis, after which they parted ways for many years. In this extraordinary talk, Elva and Stranger move through a years-long chronology of shame and silence, and invite us to discuss the omnipresent global issue of sexual violence in a new, honest way. -- 19 minutes

Rosalyn's Story

Rosalyn who was subjected to a serious sexual assault in her own home explains how meet her offender face to face in a Restorative Justice conference helped her move on and lessen carrying the burden of this offense -- 1 minute

Harassment, Shame and Punishment

Public incidents of sexual harassment in Canada have led to spirited debates over root behaviors. The Agenda answers these questions: Can sexual harassment be stopped by public shaming and/or zero tolerance? How effective are restorative justice practices, education or outright firing for such offenses? Is it possible to end sexual harassment or has recent outrage made it worse? The Agenda debates these issues -- 38:30 minute

“I Met and Forgave my Abuser”

Laura Coel participated in a restorative conference with her former stepfather who had sexually assaulted her between the ages of four and 14. She speaks about the importance of restorative justice for her, as a victim/survivor, to get information, be in control throughout the process, and to have the opportunity to take power back -- 6 minutes

Trailer: A Better Man

To Attiya Khan, co-director and writer, "A Better Man documents a personal experiment for me and my abusive ex-partner, a step towards healing, understanding, and accountability." This film that follows Attiya's re-connection to her former abuser demonstrates the healing and revelation that can happen for all involved when discussions about abuse and harm take place -- 2:30 minutes


Restorative Welcome and Re-entry Circle

Filmed at Bunche High School, this video is a collaboration between Oakland Unified School District and Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth. The video combines footage from the circle with interviews of the re-entering student and the circle facilitator -- 14 min

Restorative Justice in Oakland Schools: Tier One. Community Building Circle

A pair of students at MetWest High School, an Oakland public school in Oakland, CA, facilitate a community-building circle in their classroom with the help of RJOY (Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth). -- 9:30 minutes

Restorative Justice with a Sports Team

Ryan Lewis was confronted by his teammates after football practice one day and Restorative Justice was used to resolve the problem and restore normalcy among teammates. -- 5:45 minutes

Restorative Resources - Restorative Justice in Schools

An overview of restorative practices in schools through interviews with staff, students, parents and community members based in Sonoma County California -- 10:45 minutes

Making Things Right - Restorative Justice for School Communities

An video demonstrating how Restorative Justice can work to successfully transform traditional punitive school discipline and create caring school cultures through examples in schools across the country -- 23:30 minutes

Theater and Restorative Practices Circles

Natalie Medina from Fundación Amaneceres explains how she uses the method of "Teatro y circulos" in Panama to combine the art of theater with restorative practices -- 5:45 minutes

Should people meet face-to-face in the wake of bullying?

"IIRP Instructor Lee Rush talks about the way restorative practices dovetails with bullying prevention and how to assess, case by case, whether a restorative process is appropriate" -- 3 minutes

San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) – Restorative Practice Videos

SFUSD’s collection of videos on whole-school restorative principles and practices, a symposium of teachers, administrators and community members speaking on the implementation process, and student input about their experience with restorative practices.

  • Introduction to Restorative Practices (15:27)
  • June 2014 Symposium – Panels on Restorative Justice at SFUSD (3 Parts)
  • Student Voices (3:56)


Insight Prison Project

Sonya Shah, Insight Prison Project (at San Quentin): "That's what this process is about, it's about both creating beauty and alleviating suffering." --6 minutes

The Woolf Within

Peter Woolf committed assault and robbery, but while in prison Peter met with the person he harmed, Will, in a restorative justice session to reconsile. The meeting changed both their lives for ever. -- 10 minutes

Restorative Justice in Justice Systems

Officer Greg Ruprecht sees Restorative Justice in action by keeping offenders from repeating criminal activity. -- 8 minutes

Meeting With A Killer

A documentary documenting the meeting of a grandmother and daughter with the person who killed their daughter/mother. -- 44 minutes

Moving On

Moving on shows Lucy, the victim of a mugging, replaying events endlessly in her mind. Only when she meets the mugger in a restorative justice conference is she able to put the incident behind her – it gives her a chance to explain the impact of the crime, and humanizes him in the process. -- 2 minutes

Beyond Punishment

Movie trailer about responsibility, criminality, victimization and punishment -- 2 minutes

Beyond Conviction

This documentary follows participants in a pioneering program run by the state of Pennsylvania in which victims of the most violent crimes meet face-to-face with their perpetrators. To rent the full film visit http://www.beyondconviction.com/press.htm

Why Do We Need Restorative Justice?

"This video takes a look at a concrete way to bring the needs of crime survivors into the process of rehabilitating those who commit crimes in order to create a safer society for everyone. Through restorative justice programs, we can hold people accountable to their actions and their victims – and help set people up to make much better choices in the future." - 3 minutes

Choices For A Change

"Year after year, thousands of children are lead down a career path of criminal behavior in large part due to the failure of our punitive justice system... Restorative justice programs on the other hand use behavior intervention and victim-offender mediation, successfully implemented by Centinela Youth Services (CYS) where they are successfully reducing recidivism rates and the number of children serving time in juvenile jails. The overall effect is positive for the children, the victims, and the community at large" - 5 minutes


No child is born bad (Xavier McElrath-Bey) TEDxNorthwesternU 2014

Xavier McElrath-Bey is a Youth Justice Advocate with the Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth. He worked for more than five years at the Northwestern University Juvenile Project as a clinical researcher/interviewer. At 13, he was given a 25-year sentence for his involvement in a gang-related first-degree murder. After serving 13 years, McElrath-Bey was released and earned an MA from Roosevelt University. -- 19:30 min

Restorative Justice: A Docudrama

This short video directed by students in the PBMR film program re-enacts how restorative justice can be used for juvenile justice -- 10:30 min

The Power of Circles with Ethan Viets VanLear

"One of the most beautiful things about circles is it's a space for shared vulnerability, and I feel that the reason this is so important for young men is because we're not allowed that space anywhere else in society" -- 3 min

Barrios Unidos

Founders, facilitators and participants speak about their experiences with Barrios Unidos, a youth justice programs that seeks to "create bridges of hope" to heal young people and instill peace in their communities -- 3 min


Restorative Justice Community Action

Nonprofit Restorative Justice Community Action partners with police officers and the courts to repair the harm created by livability crimes (offenses that affect the quality of life in neighborhoods) in an effort to strengthen the community. -- 7 minutes

Face To Face

A dramatization of workplace Restorative Justice in Australia -- 1h30

Burning Bridges

A documentary about the arson of Mood’s Bridge, a historic covered bridge in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA, and the restorative conference held in its wake. The International Institute for Restorative Practices facilitated this emotional conference, which brought together the six young men who burned down the bridge with their families and members of the community. Using news footage, interviews and video of the actual conference, the documentary tells the story of a community moving through grief and anger to healing. -- 35 minutes

Restoring Hope

A documentary documenting the Maui practice of Restorative Justice that brings together victims of crime and offenders of crime to offer an alternate way forward for "a criminal justice system [that is] failing too many and costing too much” -- 52 minutes


Beyond the Bars: Breaking Through 2014 - Fania Davis

Fania Davis Keynote address at the 2014 Beyond the Bars: Breaking Through Conference at Columbia University. -- 19 min

Restorative Justice Continuum - Howard Zehr Ph.D EMU

Howard Zehr talks about the continuum of restorativeness, shame, respect, honor, humiliation, vindication, indigenous and social justice -- 7 min

Oprah Restorative Justice

Cultural Ways of Healing with Jerry Tello

Jerry Tello from the National Compadres Network has a conversation about justice and it's relation to healing -- 7 minutes