RJC Staff

Julie Shackford-Bradley, RJ Center Coordinator

Julie Shackford-Bradley is the co-founder of the Restorative Justice Center and has been the acting coordinator for two years. For the past 10 years, and most recently in UC Berkeley's Peace and Conflict Studies program, Julie has taught and researched Restorative Justice and Community-based Justice in both Kenya and Uganda as well as Human Rights in the US and around the world. She is a trained mediator and RJ practitioner, and is passionate about promoting RJ at UC Berkeley by forging connections between UC students and Bay Area RJ organizations in order to build capacity and share resources.

RJ Center Graduate Student Liaison

Teresa Anderson

Teresa Anderson is a second year Master of Social Welfare graduate student in the Strengthening Children, Youth, and Families concentration with the aspiration to work as a social worker in the school space. She moved to South Berkeley after spending two years working in a Los Angeles Unified School District elementary school which practiced restorative justice. After watching the school's culture transform under the implementation of RJ, Teresa was amazed at the power of this practice. She worked with the scholars in both community circles and harm circles-- building the children's sense of community, relationships, and ability to resolve conflict.

For the past year and a half, Teresa has served as the RJ Center Graduate Student Liaison with the desire to bring restorative justice to the different graduate student communities through experiential trainings that are applicable to their respective concentrations of study. Throughout this past year, Teresa has facilitated a series of community building circles for different graduate student programs, facilitated trainings for Berkeley academic advisors on conflict-resolution and harm reduction, and organized and facilitated a three-day graduate student inclusivity training certificate program. Additionally, Teresa also designed and implemented restorative justice trainings for the UC Berkeley Restorative Justice Student Leaders on a weekly basis.

In her free time, Teresa enjoys practicing yoga, backpacking and hiking in the great outdoors, and spending time with family and friends.

Ramsay Boly

Ramsay is a second-year Burkinabe-American graduate student with the Master of Development Practice. His interest in development work roots in his exposure to global social and economic inequities that have largely been influenced by histories of conflict and colonialism. Ramsay completed a B.A. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution with a minor in Non-Profit Studies at George Mason University before taking on the entrepreneur lifestyle. Ramsay believes that modern development urgently needs a shift in consciousness that acknowledges harm inflicted on people, regions and nations and reflects values that are fundamental to Restorative Justice. His work towards these goals focuses on self-cultivation, restorative justice, diversity inclusivity, conflict resolution, youth empowerment, social entrepreneurship, and collaborative impact.

RJ Student Leaders

Mythis Abraham Zamalea

My major is Psychology, I plan to specialize in criminal psychiatry. My main home is in Lancaster, California, an hour north of LA, but my family and I are from México City and my first language is Spanish. Something that's helped to draw me to RJ is my belief in the importance of mutual trust & respect in proper communication skills and for better understanding of one another. In RJ, I'll be joining the ASUC commission group which is mostly policy-oriented and will be supporting all of our RJ colleagues to further spread and properly implement our beneficial practices at Cal and in our community. I'm most excited to see what new friendships I'll make and just what kind of impact I can make for someone else.

Kimberly Alvarez

Hi my name is Kimberly Alvarez I’m a sociology major with a minor in public policy. I am from Watts, CA which is in SoCal LA area. I’m drawn to RJ because all I have seen is the typical crime and punishment which hasn’t helped up as a society; whereas, RJ takes a different approach which allows healing to take place. I’m excited to be a part of the team and expand my knowledge about RJ practices! 

Ernesto "Ernie" Bracamonte

Ernie is a second year studying Environmental Sciences in the college of natural resources. As a Restorative Justice Student Leader, he enjoys facilitating and participating in circles that discuss the intersectional aspects of RJ with the school to prison pipeline. In the rare event that he does have free time, he enjoys creative writing, cooking vegan foods, and hanging out with friends. This year, Ernie hopes to survive the final wave of lower-division requirements and maintain balance in his life through the art of napping. 

Tasnia Chowdhury

Tasnia Chowdhury is a second year student intending to major in Global Studies and minor in Global Public Health. As a first generation student who is also a POC, Tasnia wants to start a dialogue about mental illness in POC communities as well as inclusivity on campus. Some goals Tasnia wants to work on this year are helping create a stronger social media presence for the RJ Center, learning and teaching others how to self-care in times of stress, and exploring outside her comfort zone.

Riley Hellinger

Riley Hellinger is a fourth year at UC Berkeley majoring in Social Welfare and Sociology. Riley was drawn to RJ because of their Unitarian Universalist beliefs in the inherent worth and dignity of every person and the interconnected nature of humanity. They see RJ as a practice and mindset to address systems of violence as well as interpersonal violence through collective action and accountability. Riley is primarily involved in research and circles on community sexual violence prevention action, the 2010s anti-SVSH movement in the US., and their intersections with restorative justice.


Diana Ramirez-Hernández is a 5th year undergraduate student double majoring in Spanish & Integrative Biology. She was drawn to RJ because of its approach in using human connection to resolve conflict. She believes that communication, accountability, and understanding are key to an individual's overall well-being. Diana also serves as a Resident Assistant (RA) in Unit 2 and promotes RJ's community-building strategies with her residents. When she is not working or doing school work, Diana enjoys weekly dates with friends and singing in her spare time.

Salomé Ragot

Salomé Ragot is a fourth year majoring in Spanish and Global Studies with a focus in Peace & Conflict. Having grown up in the East Bay supported by her French community, Salomé places a strong value on building meaningful connections across cultural differences. She is interested in RJ because she believes that the strong communities created through RJ have the power to challenge racist, sexist, and xenophobic institutions. Salomé is in her first year as the RJ co-community manager, and in her third year working as a student leader where she co-facilitated the RJ decal, participated and led in RJ trainings and events, and developed the website & newsletter.

Yasmine Rayyis

Yasmine is a second year student pursuing a major in linguistics and minors in applied language studies and design innovation. Though she is Georgian and Palestinian, she grew up in China. Yasmine was drawn to RJ because of her belief in dialogue and community development as a necessary tool for social action. She is passionate about rehabilitation, the power of personal narratives, and the strength of positivity. She hopes to pursue a career in criminal defense law and advocacy. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, visual art, and spending time in the sunlight with her loved ones.

Katie Rivera

Katie is from the Heart of the Bay: Hayward, California. She is currently studying Legal Studies. She hopes to be able to bring change in the government. She is passionate about helping those who suffer due to injustices. She admires her parents for their dedication and perseverance. They have taught her how to work hard, how to love, and how to be the best version of herself. She is drawn to restorative justice because she believes in the power of rehabilitation. She appreciates moments with genuine, heartfelt dialogue. In her free time, she practices guitar and spends time with her family.

Nilda Ruiz

Nilda Ruiz is a fifth year majoring in Conservation and Resource Studies with a minor in Math and Science Education (CalTeach). Nilda is a first-generation college student that migrated with her family from Mexico when she was a year old to a city in California named Coachella. The idea of preventing harm and learning to heal from harm without resorting to immediate punitive punishments drew Nilda to restorative justice. She is passionate about the environment and teaching others to respect and restore our environment. Nilda is drawn to environmental justice and believes restorative justice has a role in protecting the environment and communities within. As an education minor, Nilda strongly believes restorative justice also has a place within the educational system in order to help at-risk students deviate from harmful practices and be better members within school communities and beyond. When she is not studying or working, Nilda likes to watch movies, exercise and practicing self-care such as applying face masks and napping.

Eric Vo

Hey y'all, my name is Eric Vo. I am currently studying Society and Environment. What drew me to RJ is the care and compassion this center and staff provide. I am excited to meet new people and learn about their lives and stories, especially those from underrepresented communities. I am from East LA, but originally from Arizona. I enjoy reading modern, postmodern, and contemporary literature and watching indie films. Feel free to approach me and start a conversation; I'd be more than happy to talk with you about anything and everything.