RJ Center Trainings

The RJ Center offers several types of trainings and workshops.

See our list below for more information about our offerings.

For a list of upcoming trainings, click here.

Info-sessions (usually about 1 hour)

Q: What is Restorative Justice? What are restorative practices? How will they work for my group/organization? How do they build and strengthen community? How do they address greater social justice issues, such as problems in the criminal justice system, systemic inequality, the school-to-prison pipeline?

A: Contact us for an info session to answer any or all of these questions.

Circle/Restorative Practices Training (at least 2 hours or longer)

Q: How can I become a circle practitioner in my own community/organization? How can I incorporate restorative practices into the work I already do? How does the circle work? What are the best practices and techniques for circle practitioners? Where can I find resources for circle practice?

A: we can do a training specifically designed for your organization, or invite you to one of our regularly scheduled trainings on campus. See the home page for scheduled trainings.

Combination Training (2-3 hours or more)

Our combination trainings include a 1-hour presentation on RJ and RP on campus or in the community, and then the opportunity to experience the circle and learn how it works. Your group/organization can use this circle time to discuss ways to incorporate restorative practices into your own work, or simply to get to know each other on a personal level. 

1-day Introductory Training

The RJ Center will be holding a series of 1-day introductory trainings throughout the summer and fall of 2016. Please “like” our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/RJCBerkeley/ for announcements of trainings and consult rjcenterberkeley.org for postings.

3-day or 5-day Professional Training

Once or twice a year, the RJ Center invites professional trainers to present a fully integrated training, with info about RJ and RP, deep circle practice, skill-building for circle practice and the facilitation of Restorative Community Conferences, role-plays and more. 

Contact us at rjcenterberkeley.org if you’re interested, and we will inform you when our next professional training is scheduled.

See our past trainings.