Trainings in the Bay Area

May 2018

Whiteness@Work, May 18, 12-5


  • This workshop is for white people who wish to do the inner work required to confront racism in the workplace and in ourselves. Through restorative justice practices, we will engage in self-reflection, dialogue, and group activities to explore how our socialization as white people affects our behaviors and beliefs, how this shows up in the workplace, and what's needed for better communication and relationships across lines of difference.
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June 2018

RJ in Schools with special focus on cultural bias/hate speech in learning communities


  • In this 2-day training, participants will be introduced to the basics of restorative justice and restorative practices in school settings. We will focus in on strategies and processes for responding effectively and holistically to cases of bias/offensive or hate speech and social media harm.
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July 2018

Community Building Circles & Intro to Restorative Justice Training (7/25 - 7/27)

  • Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, July 25-27, 9:00AM-5:00PM

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What folks are saying about RJ Center trainings:

You captivated all of us and made it quite comfortable to sit in our vulnerability…

I think I learned more in the first two hours than at any course I have taken.

I learned about the importance of honest communication. Our age and pace has changed so much about communication thanks to technology and social media. This practice forces us to interact on very (literally) face to face levels and that has become the rarity in a lot of cases. This reminds me to take the time needed to send the correct message and to better understand others.

The entire training was infused with opportunities to experience circle practice and to rehearse it in meaningful ways. I have *never* been to a training that did such a good job of “teach by doing.

Really beneficial!!