The RJ Center has a lot going on…

  • We offer workshops and trainings in restorative practices and restorative justice for people at UCB, campuses around the country, and in Bay Area Communities. 
  • We facilitate RJ and conflict resolution processes for students, staff and faculty. To contact us about an RJ process, please email us at, or
  • We offer restorative process in response to SVSH cases, and engage in research on the implementation and practice of RJ for SVSH. 
  • We present events on issues related to RJ and social justice. Check here for upcoming events.
  • The RJ Center supports the RJ Student Leaders team, a group of undergraduate students who offer trainings, workshops and circles for their peers in campus communities.
  • We offer trainings, workshops, and the annual Graduate Inclusivity training for graduate students and GSIs (graduate student instructors).
  • We partner with Bay Area community organizations to train together, place students in internships, and share resources.
  • We offer the RJ Decal, a student-led course that presents information about RJ in schools, prisons, and communities, and trains students in circle practice.