8-hourTrainingIntensiveListeningThe RJ Center has been offering RJ trainings and restorative circles at UC Berkeley and in the Bay Area Community for 4 years. One of our main areas of focus is campus climate. We offer strategies and processes to help individuals and campus communities respond to “harm events,” including offensive or harmful speech and behavior, that cause people to feel marginalized or excluded based on ethnicity, gender identity or other identity category.

IgniteConferenceCurrently, we are responding to the need in the Bay Area to build capacity for this movement by working with Cal faculty to offer theoretical and practical courses, seminars and trainings on RJ at UC Berkeley. This year, we are aiming to train 10 students as RJ practitioners on campus through our RJ Student Leaders program. Please contact us if you would like to participate.

postercutWe also work on education and research on RJ issues, focusing specifically on the RJ movement in the Bay Area, but also at the national and international levels. We welcome research fellows to join us in documenting the movement as it grows and transforms. This coming year, we will focus on healing historical harms, a segment of the RJ movement that surfaces stories of past harm that have been buried or silenced, yet continue to affect our politics, social structures and culture.


callout10The RJ Center was co-founded by Julie Shackford-Bradley and Jose Arias with a grant from the Division of Equity and Inclusion, and has been sustained with annual support from Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, Harry le Grande and student fees.