Our Mission and Work


The RJ Center’s mission is to collaborate with partners across the UC campus and Bay Area to provide education, research, trainings and services in Restorative Justice and Restorative Practice. Through these efforts, we are building a sustainable network of RJ leaders, practitioners and supporters to increase capacity in the RJ field, build intentional communities of care, and facilitate restorative responses to conflict and harm caused by social justice inequities.

Our Work:

Conflict Resolution for Students, Staff and Faculty

  • We focus on wellness and how conflicts and acts of harm can affect people’s mental and physical health.

Restorative Practice: Community Building Circles

  • We emphasize harm reduction and prevention through circles that promote story telling, empathy and social and emotional learning. 

Restorative Justice Processes in response to Harm and SVSH

  • Conflicts that are not addressed quickly can spiral and cause deep and lasting divisions in living spaces. RJ models offer remedies at every stage of a conflict or harm event.

Increased inclusivity in decision-making 

  • When voices in a group are marginalized or excluded, individuals and the group itself all suffer. Restorative practices ensure that all voices are heard and recognized.

Trainings in RJ, conflict resolution, RJ for campus climate issues, communications

  • undergraduate student communities and living spaces
  • graduate students and GSIs
  • professional schools
  • staff 
  • community members
  • educators 


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