Workshop: Transforming Whiteness for Racial Justice


In collaboration with Circles for Social Change, the RJ Center offers workshops in “Transforming Whiteness for Racial Justice.” This workshop is based on the idea that white folks must do the “inside work” of accountability and healing to effectively participate in efforts for social change. This workshop is for white people who wish to be more responsive to the complexities of  ​building relationships across difference, and ​​effectively challenge racism in society and in ourselves. This means thinking about how our racial histories, positionality and privilege have affected the way we interact across difference.

Through restorative justice practices, we will engage in self-reflection, dialog and group activities to:

  • Move from our heads to our hearts in our discussions around race
  • Understand the ways that our socialization as white people affects our behaviors, beliefs and interactions
  • Develop resilience for recognizing and addressing historical and current racial violence
  • Identify next steps for interrupting racism in ourselves and our communities, and becoming effective agents of social change
  • Explore how our personal stories and histories intersect with broader social structures of race, power and privilege
  • Strategize to create work and community environments where all are valued.



KATKatherine Culberg, RN, PHN,  began her career as a registered nurse who quickly developed a passion for working in public health and social justice.  Her focus has been impacted, adolescent youth in urban, under served, under resourced areas. She has been active in providing direct service and in developing and managing school based health centers in Oakland. After years of feeling that traditional intervention and prevention models were limited, she began to look for additional ways to best met the healing needs of those youth she worked with and loved . Over the last few years , she has studied, trained and participated in Restorative Justice work ultimately resulting in a position with RJOY directing the COSA re-entry program at Camp Sweeney as well as in San Quentin State Prison with Insight Prison Project. Her passion for and commitment to Restorative Justice continues to grow, particularly as it relates to Racial Healing and Justice work..

DavidDavid Dean is passionate about healing the psychological impact of systemic oppression on youth most vulnerable to its violence and within people who are particularly privileged by it. Only by tending to these wounds, he believes, can we most effectively contribute to the creation of a just society. He has sought to do this work as coordinator of a summer youth activism program called The Unity Hoops Project, as an advocate for restorative discipline in schools, as a facilitator supporting groups of men to overcome harmful hyper-masculine social expectations, and as a writer and curriculum designer for White Awake. David’s ancestors come from Southern England and the Scottish Borderlands but he was raised in Silver Spring, Maryland, on land taken from the Piscataway people. He was shaped most by his parents’ unconditional love as well as his upbringing in Quaker communities and on the basketball court. He loves singing, performing, writing, weaving up and down athletic fields with teammates, and facilitating others’ discovery of their own inherent goodness and power to create social change.

JSBheadshotDr. Julie Shackford-Bradley is the co-founder and coordinator of the Restorative Justice Center at UC Berkeley. Prior to founding the RJ Center, she taught in the field of Peace and Conflict Studies for 15 years. The RJ Center offers services, programs and trainings for campus and the local community in RJ and restorative practices. Julie has facilitated many trainings for colleges and universities, with focus on building solidarity for social justice, improving communication across difference, responding to bias and sexual harm. She is actively engaged with PRISM (Promoting Restorative Initiatives for Sexual Misconduct) as a writer and trainer.