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Our Mission

The mission of the Restorative Justice Center is to create opportunities for people to connect on deeper levels by sharing stories, engaging in deep listening, and developing respectful relationships, and community-based strategies for responding to conflict and harm. When harm occurs, we offer processes for understanding impacts and needs, and taking accountability in ways that result in transformation and repair. We believe that an increased emphasis on these principles and practices in our communities can improve climate, equity and inclusivity, and reduce harm in the short and long terms.

To complete this mission, we collaborate with partners across the UC campus and Bay Area to provide education, research, trainings and services in Restorative Justice and Restorative Practice. Through these efforts, we are building a sustainable network of RJ leaders, practitioners and supporters to increase capacity in the RJ field, build intentional communities of care, and facilitate restorative responses to conflict and harm caused by social justice inequities.

About Us

Julie Shackford-Bradley

Julie Shackford-Bradley is the co-founder of the Restorative Justice Center and has been the acting coordinator for two years. For the past 10 years, and most recently in UC Berkeley's Peace and Conflict Studies program, Julie has taught and researched Restorative Justice and Community-based Justice in both Kenya and Uganda as well as Human Rights in the US and around the world. She is a trained mediator and RJ practitioner, and is passionate about promoting RJ at UC Berkeley by forging connections between UC students and Bay Area RJ organizations in order to build capacity and share resources.

Our Team

RJ Center Coordinator

Mythis Abraham Zamalea

Mythis (My-tees) is a second-year psychology major contemplating on picking up a history as a second major! He joined the RJ Center last semester in January, at the beginning of Spring 2020. So far, he's been involved in several projects including the RJ Syllabus and the Social Media Committee which is in charge of our social media, the RJ newsletter, and the RJ website. He has had the pleasure of finally facilitating several circles/trainings and he's excited about future circles that he'll be facilitating. Outside of RJ, he enjoys reading, writing, hanging out with family and friends, biking, outdoor activities, and music.

Student Leader

Tasnia Chowdhury

Tasnia Chowdhury is a third year student majoring in Global Studies and Legal Studies. As a first generation student who is also a POC, Tasnia wants to start a dialogue about mental illness in POC communities as well as inclusivity on campus. Some goals Tasnia wants to work on this year are helping create a stronger social media presence for the RJ Center, learning and teaching others how to self-care in an online world, and exploring outside her comfort zone. Outside of the RJ Center, Tasnia likes to play tennis, read conspiracy theories, watch horror and comedy movies, and is currently learning how to roller skate!

Student Leader

Yasmine Rayyis

Yasmine is a third year student pursuing a major in linguistics and minors in applied language studies and design innovation. Though she is Georgian and Palestinian, she grew up in China. Yasmine was drawn to RJ because of her belief in dialogue and community development as a necessary tool for social action. She is passionate about rehabilitation, the power of personal narratives, and the strength of positivity. She hopes to pursue a career in criminal defense law and advocacy. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, visual art, and spending time in the sunlight with her loved ones.

Student Leader

Katie Rivera

Katie is from the Heart of the Bay: Hayward, California. She is currently studying Legal Studies. She hopes to be able to bring change in the government. She is passionate about helping those who suffer due to injustices. She admires her parents for their dedication and perseverance. They have taught her how to work hard, how to love, and how to be the best version of herself. She is drawn to restorative justice because she believes in the power of rehabilitation. She appreciates moments with genuine, heartfelt dialogue. In her free time, she practices guitar and spends time with her family.

Student Leader

Eric Vo

Eric is a third year currently studying Society and Environment. What drew him to RJ is the care and compassion this center and staff provide. He is excited to meet new people and learn about their lives and stories, especially those from underrepresented communities. He grew up in East LA, but was originally from Arizona. He enjoys reading modern, postmodern, and contemporary literature and watching indie films. Feel free to approach him and start a conversation; he's more than happy to talk with you about anything and everything.

Student Leader

Charmae Wang

Student Leader

Charmae is a second year currently studying Political Science and minoring in Public Policy. She is passionate about helping those who have suffered from domestic violence and sexual assault, and hopes to dive deeper into the possible rehabilitating uses of RJ for those who are victims of such acts. She is also a huge proponent of bringing more diversity and inclusivity on to campus and seeks to use the tools she has learned in RJ to help with that work. In her free time, Charmae enjoys playing tennis, going on picnics with her friends, rewatching the entire Harry Potter series, and trying new food spots in Berkeley!

Ramsay Boly

RJ Facilitator

Ramsay is a Burkinabe-American whose values and identities draw from a global spectrum of cultures, epistemologies, and practices. Ramsay is a recent graduate from UC Berkeley's Master of Development Practice whose work links development with social justice and spirituality. This roots in his exposure to global social and economic inequities that have largely been influenced by histories of colonialism and intersecting hegemonic systems that continue to perpetuate exploitation, oppression, and inequality. His counterwork focuses on self-cultivation and mindfulness practice, narrative practice, restorative justice, conflict transformation, collaborative impact, ethnic studies, decolonization, mentorship and youth empowerment.

Shalini Chatterjee

Graduate Student RJ Leader

Shalini (she/her/hers) is in her second year of the concurrent MSW/MPH program. As a dual degree student, she is interested in exploring the intersections of community mental health, homelessness, and criminal justice reform through harm reduction and restorative approaches. She believes that restorative justice practices are a powerful way to create shared understadning, foster connection, disrupt harmful practices, and build solidarity. In her spare time, she enjoys baking, reading, music, and spending time with animals. 

Elias Nepa

Student Leader

Elias is working on a few projects focused on sexual violence/harassment prevention and response. They are interested in a lot of things and are mainly concerned with anti-colonial, anti-imperial scholarship and projects, revolutionary feminisms, race, class, and gender, and sexual/intimate partner violence. RJ’s focus on accountability and harm reduction really appeal to them.  RJ follows a life-affirming logic and provides an alternative to the really pervasive carceral, punitive, and colonial logics that are in our everyday society. They think that’s really cool. 

Marianna Singwi-Ferrono

Marianna is a second year Master of Social Welfare graduate student in the Strengthening Children, Youth, and Families concentration. From 2011-2019, she was an elementary school dual-language immersion teacher in San Francisco and Oakland. In 2014, she graduated with a Master's degree in Education Administration and Policy from Loyola Marymount University. As a teacher, Marianna had the privilege of learning healing circle practices from indigenous community elders and restorative practices from school-based restorative justice practitioners in Oakland unified School District. Marianna experienced the power of coming together in daily community circles with her students to share stories, connect with one another, and address harms. Upon graduation, she hopes to work alongside youth to cocreate educational spaces that foster interconnectedness and healing through restorative and transformative justice. Marianna also loves to spend time outdoors, with friends and family, dancing, and practicing yoga.

Graduate Student RJ Leader

Our Partners

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