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Job Postings

The mission of the Restorative Justice Center is to create opportunities for people to connection deeper levels by sharing stories, engaging in deep listening, and developing respectful relationships, and community-based strategies for responding to conflict and harm. When harm occurs, we offer processes for understanding impacts and needs, and taking accountability in ways that result in transformation and repair.  We believe that an increased emphasis on these principles and practices in our communities can improve climate, equity, inclusivity and belonging and reduce harm in the short and long terms.

Summer-Fall 2021 Job Announcements

See below for descriptions for these jobs:

  • Restorative Justice Center Student Leaders
  • Community Manager for the Restorative Justice Center
  • Graduate Student Restorative Justice Practitioner / Liaison
  • Graduate Student Researcher for Legal Studies Courses on Truth, Accountability, and Reconciliation in California and the US

Starting dates for these positions can be immediate or at the beginning of fall semester.

If you are interested in any one of these positions, please email Julie Shackford-Bradley at jsbradley@berkeley.edu. Include the name of the job you are applying for, and a cover letter and resume.

RJ Student Leader

Restorative Justice Center Student Leaders (multiple positions)

8 hours/week $17.50 per hour

The Restorative Justice Center, is seeking student restorative justice (RJ) practitioners. No experience with RJ is necessary-- RJ Student practitioners or “RJ Student Leaders” will be trained in Restorative Practice (RP), Restorative Justice (RJ) and other forms of conflict resolution.

RJ Student Leaders will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • community building and other types of circles for peers in living spaces and student organizations
  • restorative justice processes for responding to conflict and harm
  • present information around the campus about RJ Center offerings
  • engage with peers in projects to identify specific campus climate and social justice issues that call for restorative responses, and strategize ways to extend the reach of RJ and RP in student communities

The ideal applicant will:

  • Be a positive and pro-active team member
  • Attend weekly staff and project meetings
  • Engage in projects
  • Be highly motivated and self-disciplined

As an RJ Student Leader, we will support you to be:

  • not afraid of conflict and difficult conversations
  • confident in public speaking, able to lead a group, and facilitate a conversation
  • confident to create supportive spaces for peers to discuss the complexities of campus climate and social justice issues.

Candidates who can commit to 6-8 hours of work per week, and will attend weekly meetings, are preferred.

Community Manager

Community Manager for the Restorative Justice Center

The Restorative Justice Center seeks a Graduate Student for the position of Community Manager. The Community Manager will play a pivotal role this year to help us scale up our work on campus, as we accept more requests for our workshops and services, increase our education and outreach work, and develop new partnerships to improve communication and responses to conflict and harm across campus.

No experience with Restorative Justice is required, however, we welcome people who are passionate about social justice and change. Students interested in learning more aboutRestorative Justice and practice and its intersections with current social justice movements will have opportunities to attend workshops and trainings and to participate in Restorative Processes with the team and co-develop educational opportunities for the campus community.

Applicants must be self-motivated / independent, able to identify what needs to be done, and ideally, to bring fresh ideas that will help us to update our processes for record keeping, outreach and coordination. Ideal candidates will be enthusiastic team players who are committed to helping the RJ Center complete its mission for the year.

This job is part time at 10-15 hours a week and pays $19. Per hour for undergraduates and $25. per hour for graduate students. The schedule is flexible from week to week. The position will start ASAP.

The Community Manager will:

  • Coordinate events, trainings, and restorative circles.
  • Reach out to and collaborate with other campus partners.
  • Support our team of undergraduate and graduate student leaders, and staff in offering RJ services and RJ projects.
  • Enhance our social media profile.
  • Provide technical assistance and content for our website (pagecloud) and newsletter (mailchimp).
  • Create compelling promotional materials for the RJ Center.
  • Update course materials for two RJ courses taught through the Legal Studies Dept.

Ideal Candidates:

  • Are independent self-starters who think ahead and are creative problem-solvers.
  • Will have a flexible enough schedule to work at various times throughout the day and week, including some evenings and weekends.
  • Truly enjoy, and have creative energy for the work of organizing events, ideas and data
  • Have some knowledge of and proficiency in organizational methods and tools (such asExcel, Docs, Sheets and beyond)
  • Are willing to learn on the job (for example, pagecloud, mailchimp, pages and canva, etc.)
  • Are comfortable asking for help and providing help to others who ask for it.
  • Can work with the Restorative Justice Center for the entire academic year of 2021-22 and longer if possible

Grad Student Leader

Graduate Student Restorative Justice Practitioner / Liaison

The UC Berkeley RJ Center is seeking to hire a Graduate Student RJ Practitioner. The RJ Center offers workshops and trainings in Restorative Practices and Restorative Justice on campus and provides direct services in response to conflict and harm. Our current work is focused mainly on improving campus climate through community building, and we are seeking applicants who can lead peers and others in community building workshops designed to build relational foundations that can reduce conflict and harm and offer strategies for responding restoratively when harm does occur. Further, we are increasingly responding to “climate harms,” that is, harms that involve people’s identities or social positions, and which often involve whole communities. Ideal applicants will therefore also be open to engaging people and communities in restorative processes that emphasize validation and repair for those who have experienced harm, and education and transformation for those who have committed acts of harm.

This job is part time at 8-10 hours a week, $25. per hour. The schedule is flexible from week to week. The position will start ASAP.

The Graduate Student RJ Practitioner will:

  • Co-facilitate workshops and trainings in Restorative Practices, Community Building and Conflict Resolution/Transformation for fellow graduate students and occasionally for staff/faculty as needed.
  • With training and guidance from the RJ Center, offer RJ responses to conflict and harm in graduate and undergraduate student communities.
  • Co-facilitate community building and listening circles alongside graduate students.
  • Collaborate with academic departments, including students, staff, and faculty, to improve department culture and climate through community building and restorative processes.
  • Maintain confidentiality about the details of cases, while at the same time, gathering data about numbers, topics and general issues to be reported to funders and other interested parties.
  • In spring semester, in partnership with the RJ Center staff, coordinate with theGraduate Assembly and other campus groups to advertise and present the Grad Student Inclusivity Training, a 3-day intensive. Help with guiding the undergraduate student RJ Student Leaders team.
  • Enjoy working with a collaborative team as well as taking independent initiative.
  • Engage in other projects of interest.

Ideal candidates:

  • Have a basic understanding of the principles and practices of Restorative Justice and its Social Justice foundations. (We will provide specific training needed to become an RJ practitioner).
  • Practice cultural humility and are open to working with people from different cultures, identities, social positions, intersectionalities and lived experiences.
  • Are confident with public speaking, leading people in groups, and facilitating conversations with empathy and an open heart.
  • Are willing to “go toward” conflict, be uncomfortable, and participate in difficult conversations.
  • Are committed to engaging in self-reflection and group work to continuously improve skills for holding space for people to come together to address conflict and harm and engage in accountability and repair.
  • Are open to learning the specific RJ Processes and Practices of the RJ Center and maintaining fidelity to them, while infusing them with your own cultural knowledge, lived experience, and creativity.
  • Have a flexible enough schedule to work at various times throughout the day and week, including some evenings and weekends.
  • Enjoy working both collaboratively on a team and take initiative independently
  • Can work with the Restorative Justice Center for the entire academic year of 2021-22 and longer if possible

Graduate Student Researcher

Graduate Student Researcher for Legal Studies Courses on Truth, Accountability, and Reconciliation in California and the US

The Restorative Justice Center seeks a Graduate Student Researcher to assist in designing and developing student-led Research Projects for two Legal Studies courses on Truth, Accountability and Reconciliation. This position will be best suited for, but is not limited to, a professional or doctoral student with a disciplinary focus in social justice issues, Law, Native American or other Ethnic Studies, Anthropology/Archaeology, California History, Human Rights, or ESPM.

These courses will be taught in Fall 2021 and Spring 2022, and present content on a wide range of state-sponsored historical and current harms committed against BIPOC and other communities, with a specific focus on Indigenous Peoples.  The courses will address, among other topics, land grabs, the California Genocide, grave looting of Indigenous ancestral remains and sacred objects, racialized legal violence, and scientific racism such as the practice of eugenics across the US, and at universities including UC Berkeley.

Research projects will focus on aspects of Truth, Accountability and Reconciliation, in the sense of surfacing lost truths and narratives/stories, imagining or designing memorials, and envisioning opportunities for accountability-taking, and restoring communities through repatriation and rematriation, reparations and more. Focus will be placed on campus institutions, including the Hearst Museum and the Botanical Gardens, among others.

This position will start asap, and will ideally extend throughout the 2021-2022 academic year. A stipend of $7500-$10,000 will be provided, depending on the candidate’s availability during that time.

This position includes:

  • Connecting with researchers and experts on campus who are engaging in aspects of this work.
  • Identifying and organizing research materials from various archives that surface the experiences of BIPOC and other communities on campus and in the Bay Area.
  • Developing frameworks or guidelines for the ethical collection of stories and narratives of students, Elders, and community members.
  • Exploring and setting up platforms for multi-modal presentations of the research, such asAdobe Creative Commons, that are available to students (with guidance from campus specialists).
  • Supporting faculty and students in the execution of the research projects, through two courses, one in fall 2021 and one in spring 2021