“Is This Working?” on This American Life

Stories of schools struggling with what to do with misbehaving kids. There’s no general agreement about what teachers should do to discipline kids. And there’s evidence that some of the most popular punishments actually may harm kids. Listen here…

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  • Ofelia

    I’d like this video to be a visual and audio mehoptar for the essence of spirit which is my self; an “essay” on the spiritual being which drives physical expression. I will be using memories of the past as well as present life experiences as source material for visual images and narrative content. Most of my photos and possessions are in boxes, deep in storage at the moment, so I will be creating visuals (i.e. drawing, constructing), to represent memories and/or events that are key to understanding who I am, and then recording these on video – stop action animation, or …?? – I’m sure the process will evolve. Structural components will include original photos and video footage, recorded narration, audio clips of a non-verbal nature, music, and perhaps video/audio downloaded off the internet. I am highly visual/kinesthetic/auditory, so I’m not anticipating a lot of text display in my presentation. I know I have this tendency to take life and self too seriously, so I’m really going to make an effort to have some fun with this and throw in some humor (thank you Robert Arneson!) – I’m looking to make this a “feel good” video with depth – is that possible?