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Our Services

Our center offers restorative processes for responding to conflict and harm for staff, faculty and administrators.

Our processes include:

  • restorative conversations for 2 or more people involved in an interpersonal conflict or a situation where harm has occurred
  • harm and peacebuilding circles for groups, units or teams that are experiencing conflicts or where people have experienced harm and seek pathways for improving communication and developing plans for repair
  • community building circles for groups, units or teams interested in regrouping, reframing relationships, and developing shared values and community agreements after harm has occurred

For Staff And Faculty


In our restorative responses to conflict and harm, we guide participants in co-creating spaces where people can build trust and engage in open conversations to explore and deepen relationships, address intentions and impacts of our actions and responses, and take accountability for actions and behaviors with the goals of personal growth and collective transformation. We recognize that hurt people hurt people and seek to explore the root causes of harm and conflict, and interrupt cycles of harm that can deeply impact campus communities. For confidentiality, we invite people to sign agreements where they agree that nothing said within our process can be utilized in a legal or official university process. This allows people to speak their truths without fear of having their words repeated in other contexts or misrepresented.Please complete our intake form to help us determine how we can best serve your needs.

Workshops for staff, faculty and administrators

The RJ Center has developed several different workshop experiences that are open to all staff, faculty and administrators. Our workshops promote a restorative approach, where people are invited to bring their best selves to build relationships of care and engage in inclusive and honest conversations about matters of importance to the group or team.

These workshops are specifically designed to create spaces for people to

  • build intentional community, by developing shared values and agreements about how to communicate and be with each other  
  • learn about racial harms and paths to healing those harms
  • develop tools and skills for responding to conflict in positive and transformative ways.

We can also meet with you to develop specially tailored workshops to meet your needs.


The RJ Center has worked with teams and groups in IT, Libraries, Letters and Sciences Advising, Res Life Pro Staff, many academic departments, the LEAD Center, Tang Center, and many more individual faculty and staff.


The RJ Center maintains complete confidentiality in all our processes, and everything that is said in our RJ processes is protected by California evidentiary standards, except for sexual harm cases, which are subject to UC policies. RJ Center practitioners are considered to be responsible employees and are not confidential for any sexual harm cases that are subject to UC policy. If an incident has already been reported to the Title IX office, the RJ Center staff can convene an appropriate process for people or communities who are in need. We recommend that anyone who is affiliated with UC Berkeley should contact the PATH-to-Care Center prior to initiating an RJ process around an incident of SVSH.