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RJ Student Leaders Program

UC Berkeley’s RJ Student Leaders program trains students to provide peer-to-peer training and services in restorative practices (community building and other circles) and restorative justice (responding to harm). As they invite their fellow students to engage in restorative practice and restorative justice, RJ Student Leaders promote a different kind of leadership that emphasizes engaged listening, empathy, conflict resolution, recognition of multiple truths.

Every year, RJ Student leaders train hundreds of students and staff and guide dozens of students through restorative processes to address harm, resolve conflicts, and restore relationships.

RJ Student Leaders are busy! Here is a sampling of their efforts:

  • Designing and maintaining our website, social media presence and newsletter
  • Researching on RJ related issues, including the Student Activism Timeline, and RJ responses for academic misconduct
  • Engaging in activism and policy discussions to promote RJ options for conduct violations and sexual misconduct
  • Education and outreach across campus and beyond, including the RJ DeCal (student led RJ class)
  • Developing and producing RJ Events on campus



Since 2012, students have worked with the RJ Center to develop and produce events and spread the word about RJ on campus. In 2016, we implemented the RJ Student Leaders program with a grant from the Division of Equity and Inclusion. Funding from the Wellness Grant as well as Student Fees have allowed us to maintain a sustainable program.

Outcomes for RJ Student Leaders

1. Development of skills in RP and RJ that are immediately applicable in personal lives and improve community relationships.

2. Opportunity to act as peacebuilders and peacemakers within their communities and across communities.

3. Chance to engage and develop relationships with Bay Area leaders of the national RJ movement.

4. Attainment of “soft skills” and research skills that can lead to careers in a growing RJ field and many fields.

Current RJ Student Leaders