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RJ Center Staff, May 4 2018

We Thank You for Engaging. Now Let's Take Our Support for Restorative Justice a Step Further

By Jackie Bueno

When Juls, the Co-Founder of the Center, invited me to become a part of this blog, I was deeply touched. This Center has truly transformed not only my way of thinking, but living. I and the rest of our Center thank each and everyone of you that had an open heart to read our blog, participate in it, and shape the voices of the needs of our community.

I've seen the way RJ has brought an analytical and holistic approach to truly provide racial, socioeconomic and political justice that's sustainable for our communities. We hope that our presence on social media has inspired you all to ask about, love, and live RJ each and every day. Our movement cannot end on the screen. It needs to continue living on through the hearts and minds of you all.

Continue to follow us on Facebook and on our blog after this semester!

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RJ Center Staff

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