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RJ Center Staff, February 1 2018

Welcome to **active listening** at UC Berkeley!

Welcome to **active listening,** the UC Berkeley Restorative Justice Center blog! We’re excited to bring you news and information about restorative justice and restorative practice at UC Berkeley, and in other local and global communities. At UCB we see rj and rp as pathways for increasing understanding, promoting social justice goals, and reducing harm. This spring, we’re featuring blogposts produced by and about our team of Restorative Justice Student Leaders. Jackie Bueno will start us off with a series of posts about UCB students who are struggling to make a difference in their communities and to influence our perspectives on urgent issues. We look forward to your engagement and your comments. Please make an effort to uphold our values and agreements for dialog and conversation: listen (read) with your heart, speak (write) from your heart, respect yourself and others and engage the dialectic!

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RJ Center Staff

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