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RJ Center Berkeley, March 11 2020

Donate to Big Give -- March 12th!

Hello RJ Center friends and supporters,

As RJ Student Leaders, we deeply believe in supporting the health and wellness of our fellow students on campus through community building and responding to harm. Through our work at the RJ Center, we learn crucial skills and strategies for addressing conflicts that occur through power asymmetries, miscommunication, and stress. We are also trained to engage restorative processes to build community and address questions around racial and sexual harm on campus. These services are crucial to building a safe and welcoming UC Berkeley campus community where students feel supported and where incidents of conflict and harm are reduced.

We could not do this work without the valuable support of donors. Please click here to donate on March 12th for Cal’s annual Big Give fundraiser in order to ensure that the RJ Center receives more resources from UC Berkeley.

Thank you for your support!

With love & peace,

The RJ Student Leader Team


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RJ Center Berkeley

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