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Rj In The Media

RJ at UC Berkeley

#ActiveListeningNews: Social Media Harm in Plattsburgh, Keene

RJ Center Berkeley, April 20 2018

As we prepare for our circle on Monday in regards to social media harm, we wanted to share with you an article about a racist incident that occurred through social media platforms such as Snapchat? How can society change the dialogue around harm on social media? Read this article here!

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RJ and Social Justice

What Is Justice For Survivors Of Sexual Harm?

RJ Center Staff, February 28 2018

By Julie Shackford-Bradley In the videos posted on InMyWords, people talk about their desires or expectations for justice after sexual harm. Check out these videos and add your own. Some samples: “Justice to me looks like being able to have conversations in my community about how many people around them are being hurt by other community members and...

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RJ and Social Justice

Expectations For Justice After Sexual Harm

RJ Center Staff, February 24 2018

By Julie Shackford-Bradley “We cannot jail, fire or expel our way out of this crisis. We need institutional responses to sexual harm that prioritize both justice and healing, not one at the expense of the other.” UCB Alum and social activist Sofie Karasek has a new project, #InMyWords, which asks survivors of sexual harm to think about their expect...

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RJ and Social Justice

Remembering To Say #MeToo For Women That Can’t

RJ Center Staff, February 14 2018

Photo courtesy of Thought Catalog By Jackie Bueno Disclaimer: This post is not meant to diminish or discredit other norms and practices in other countries around the world. Rather, this post serves as an inclusive reminder that women in countries around the world, that disprove of the gender norms enforced in their countries, are still fighting for...

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RJ in the Media

Note To Stephen Colbert: No, Senators Were Not Playing “Kindergarten Games” When Using The Talking Stick

RJ Center Staff, February 9 2018

By Julie Shackford-Bradley Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oi6MrDRy9OQ&t=2s This week, Stephen Colbert poked some fun at “talking stick” of Senator Susan Collins of Maine, calling it part of a “kindergarten game.” The joke was that the bipartisan group of senators who’d come together to end the government shutdown senators could not...

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RJ on College Campuses

NYTimes OpEd advocating RJ for campus sexual misconduct cases

RJ Center Berkeley, September 10 2015

The New York Times has published a very supportive OP Ed on the use of RJ for campus sexual misconduct cases. The article summarizes: The process lets victims tell their stories in the way they choose and seek the kind of redress that’s most appropriate for them, which has not always been the case in college disciplinary procedures or in the crimin...

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RJ and Social Justice

Championing Change: The Lone Star State Brightens Way for Criminal Justice Reform

RJ Center Staff, August 16 2015

by Sandra Farzam, UC Berkeley class of 2015 Within the past five years, the Lone Star State’s imprisonment rate has decreased by 10% and crime there has fallen 18%. Texas is leading the way in bipartisan support for liberal prison policies and much of its success has inspired reforms to the prison systems of other states.

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RJ and Social Justice

New York Solitary Confinement

RJ Center Staff, February 21 2015

New York City plans to end solitary confinement for inmates 21 and younger. New Mayor Bill DiBlasio is taking the lead on some prison reform for juveniles and youth in New York City: The move stems in part from the building of new “enhanced supervision housing” at Rikers Island, an infamous prison in New York City, which would:

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RJ at Work

It’s Not Over Yet: Prop 47 and the Push for Restorative Justice in California

RJ Center Staff, December 3 2014

by Julie Shackford Bradley and Patricio Yrarrázaval The passage of Prop 47 about 2 weeks ago is a major victory for all of the organizations and institutions that came together to get the proposition on the ballot and put forth the arguments needed to convince California voters to say yes.From San Diego Free Press:

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RJ in the Media

"Is This Working?" on This American Life

RJ Center Berkeley, November 4 2014

Stories of schools struggling with what to do with misbehaving kids. There's no general agreement about what teachers should do to discipline kids. And there's evidence that some of the most popular punishments actually may harm kids. Listen here...

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