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Rj And Social Justice

RJ and Social Justice

I'd like to learn more about RJ--what should I read? Part 2: Restoring Racial Justice

RJ Center Staff, August 22 2015

by Nava Bearson A recent article, Restoring Racial Justice (open as pdf) pushes for greater incorporation of race in restorative justice. Authors Fania Davis, Mikhail Lyubansky, and Mara Schiff assert that up to this point, the restorative justice movement has failed to explicitly address race. Through recognizing race and tackling race related iss...

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RJ and Social Justice

Championing Change: The Lone Star State Brightens Way for Criminal Justice Reform

RJ Center Staff, August 16 2015

by Sandra Farzam, UC Berkeley class of 2015 Within the past five years, the Lone Star State’s imprisonment rate has decreased by 10% and crime there has fallen 18%. Texas is leading the way in bipartisan support for liberal prison policies and much of its success has inspired reforms to the prison systems of other states.

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RJ and Social Justice

Breaking the Cycle of Violence: Utilizing Community-Based Accountability Strategies to Address Sexual Violence

RJ Center Staff, May 20 2015

by Annie Gorden Trigger Warning: Discussions of rape, sexual violence, and victim-blaming “For me, forgiveness and compassion are always linked: how do we hold people accountable for wrongdoing and yet at the same time remain in touch with their humanity enough to believe in their capacity to be transformed?”-bell hooks

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RJ on College Campuses

The Faces Leading the Revolution Against Campus Sexual Violence

RJ Center Staff, April 21 2015

by Annie Gorden Trigger Warning: Discussions of Sexual Assault 2014 marked a turning point for the movement to end sexual violence on campuses, the issue finally surfacing in mainstream media and consciousness. Awareness and activism surrounding campus sexual assault reached new heights, thanks in great part to the work of dedicated activists fight...

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RJ and Social Justice

New York Solitary Confinement

RJ Center Staff, February 21 2015

New York City plans to end solitary confinement for inmates 21 and younger. New Mayor Bill DiBlasio is taking the lead on some prison reform for juveniles and youth in New York City: The move stems in part from the building of new “enhanced supervision housing” at Rikers Island, an infamous prison in New York City, which would:

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RJ and Social Justice

Texas Looking to Downsize Juvenile Justice System

RJ Center Staff, January 22 2015

by Julie Shackford-Bradley Texas lawmakers are interested in shutting down state-run juvenile incarceration facilities in that state, not because holding youth in correctional institutions is unjust or immoral, but because of high costs: According to CSG, each juvenile inmate in a state prison costs $134,000 per year. Moreover, $162 million was spe...

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RJ and Social Justice

Rachel Maddow takes on the myth of the “superpredator”

RJ Center Staff, December 12 2014

by Julie Shackford-Bradley In this clip, Rachel Maddow calls attention to two articles written in 1995 by John Dilulio that set the narrative frame of the “superpredator” who has no recognizable humanity, and therefore, no rights to life or freedom. In this article from the Weekly Standard of November 1995, John Dilulio (at the time a political sci...

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RJ at Work

It’s Not Over Yet: Prop 47 and the Push for Restorative Justice in California

RJ Center Staff, December 3 2014

by Julie Shackford Bradley and Patricio Yrarrázaval The passage of Prop 47 about 2 weeks ago is a major victory for all of the organizations and institutions that came together to get the proposition on the ballot and put forth the arguments needed to convince California voters to say yes.From San Diego Free Press:

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